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Deans Message

  • Nurturing of creative and practical
    Through Innovative engineering education model
    Competence and experience producing engineers who have towed
    nation's economic growth are precious assets of Korea.

    Welcome to College of Engineering, Hanyang University's (hereinafter referred to as Hanyang University) website.Hanyang was established in 1939 as Dong-A Institute of Engineering, Korea's first private engineering institution, and boasts more than 80 years of its history and tradition. Hanyang has always been at the center of change and development we’ve been through for about a century. Hanyang has become the epitome of Korea's engine of growth.

    Hanyang will continue to develop, to be the best engineering institute in Korea as it has been.

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The environment around universities is rapidly changing, with the decrease in the school-age population and the increase in financial difficulties. At the same time, new educational methods are required for the post-COVID-19 and digital era. University education and research are facing opportunities and challenges due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the competition for super-high-end technology to preoccupy the core technologies of future industries.

Hanyang will continue to innovate and be better by not being satisfied with the achievements so far, so to lead the change of this era.We will build innovative engineering education and research models based on the idea of practicality and industry-academy cooperation. We will keep fostering creative and practical talents required by the times.

Once again, I would like to thank parents, students, graduates, and everyone who visited our website.
We ask for your continued interest and support so that the Hanyang can become the pride of Korea and beyond.

2022. July.
Dean, College of Engineering
Chan Hyeong, Kim