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Welfare Facilities

Facilities Location Operating Hours Tel
Students Cafeteria 1 Student Welfare Center 3F 09:30~18:30 +82-2-2220-1883
Students Cafeteria 3
Student Welfare Center 3F 10:30~14:30
Nanuri Restaurant Parking lot B2F in front of the
management buiding
09:30~19:00 +82-2-2290-2624
Advanced Meterials &
Chemical Engineering Building
Student Cafeteria
Building B1F 09:30~19:00 +82-2-2281-8166
Student Dormitory Cafeteria 1
(restaurant for
examination classes)
Student Dormitory 1 1F 08:00~09:00 (Breakfast)
12:00~13:30 (Lunch)
17:30~18:30 (Dinner)
Student Dormitory Cafeteria 2 Student Dormitory 2 1F 07:30~09:00 (Breakfast)
12:00~13:30 (Lunch)
17:30~19:00 (Dinner)
Life Sciences University's
staff Cafeteria
College of Life Science 7F 11:30~14:00 (Lunch)
17:00~18:30 (Dinner)
Advanced Materials &
Chemical Engineering Building's
Staff Cafeteria
Building 7F 11:30~13:30 (Lunch)
17:30~19:00 (Dinner)
Restaurant Hanyang Institute of Technology 6F(HIT) 10:00~21:00 +82-2-2220-4771
Banquet hall Hanyang Institute of Technology 6F(HIT) 10:00~21:00 +82-2-2220-4771
Facilities Location Tel Facilities Location Tel
Stairs lecture hall stores B1F +82-2-2220-1965 Olympic Gymnasium 2F +82-2-2220-1874
Narae Gil Next to the 2nd Engineering Building +82-70-4147-8901 Dormitory Store 1 1F +82-2-2298-3068
Building Store
B1F +82-2-2220-1557 Dormitory Store 2 1F +82-2-2281-5715
When a lion is snacking (Convenience Store) Facing the library +82-2-2293-2360 Material Science building Convenience Store B1F +82-2-2294-2290
Copy Rooms
Copy Rooms
Facilities Location Tel Facilities Location Tel
Student Wallfare Center
Copy Room
1F +82-2-2220-4700 Economy Finance Building Copy Rooms B1F +82-2-2291-1726
Paiknam Library &
Academic Information
Center Copy Room
B1F +82-2-2220-1552 Industrial Center
Copy Room
4F +82-2-2295-5746
Engineering Building 1 - Copy Room 1F +82-2-2220-1555 Stairs lecture hall
Copy Room
2F +82-2-2296-0730
College of Humanities
Copy Room
B1F +82-2-2293-9598 New Materials Center
Copy Room
B1F +82-2-2296-2049
College of Medicine
Copy Room
3F +82-2-2294-7435 IT Center Copy Room 1F +82-2-2297-2049
Other Welfare Facilities
Other Welfare Facilities
Facilities Location Tel Facilities Location Tel
Travel Agency Student Walfare
Center 3F
+82-2-2220-1848 Shoe Store In front of
Student Union
History Museum
Souvenir Shop
Administration Building
(History Room) 1F
+82-2-2220-4141 Book Store Student Union 1F +82-2-2220-1851
Hair Salon Student Union 2F +82-2-2220-1554 Fitness Center Student Union 5F +82-2-2299-9688
Stationery Store Student Hall 1F +82-2-2296-9500 Tiamo Café In front of +82-2-2298-8901
New Materials
Engineering Building
+82-2-2298-2049 Student Residence
Hall 2 Café
Student Residence
Hall 2 1F
CNN Café - Store 1 FTC 3F Book Cafe Student Union 2F +82-70-8866-3534
CNN Café - Store 2   International
Buiding 1F
  Café Q  IT/BT Center 3F   +82-2-2294-0222
 Brownabi Café    +82-70-8806-1085      
Hanyang Plaza(Student Wallfare Center)
Hanyang Plaza(Student Wallfare Center)
Facilities Location(Floor) Tel Facilities Location(Floor) Tel
CU Convenience Store 1F +82-2-2282-0773 Mobile Communication 1F +82-2-911-8888
Digital Photo Shop 1F +82-2-2298-3747 Lotteria 1F +82-2-2293-1515
Young Man Soup
1F +82-2-2298-8823 Café Coffeea 1F +82-2-2220-4748
Optical Shop 1F +82-2-2292-7501 Café A-Great 1F +82-2-2291-8659
Souvenir Shop 1F +82-2-2296-6694 Chinese Rice Noodle 1F +82-2-2294-3388
Han Computer 1F +82-2-2291-4006 Kimbab Country 1F +82-2-2281-5659
1F +82-2-2282-0543 Hanyang Flower 1F +82-2-2281-3003
Morning Glory 1F +82-2-2282-0543 Twosome Place 1F +82-2-2292-8880
Bonjour Hawaii 1F +82-2-2281-4990 Copy Room 1F +82-2-2220-4700
Inquires Related to Other Welfare Facilities
Student Welfare Committee
Tel. +82-2-2220-0098~9, Fax. +82-2-2292-0251