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Check the details about Hanyang Engineers in this FAQ

Q Where can I inquire about events and posted announcements?
Q Where do I go for reserved army registration?
Q I want to know about tuition and scholarships.
Q Where can I get the scholarship recommendation form
Q I’m hurt. I need cold medicine.
Q I want to take personality test and job skills test.
Q I have a problem. I want to receive a counselling.
Q I want to know about community services
Q Where do I get an employment recommendation letter (President's stamp)?
Q How do I pay my tuition in installments?
Q I have received a tuition bill. Where can I go for reissuance?
Q Where can I receive the certificate of payment for educational expenses (for year-end settlement)?
Q I want to know about courses in teaching.
Q I want to change my address (residence).
Q How do I register my English name?
Q I have changed my name. Where can I change it?
Q I want to change my address (place of citizen registration).
Q Where do I apply for a change in major, double major?
Q Where can I register for a test absence?
Q I want to rent educational equipment.
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