Hanyang University
College of Engineering

Cultivating Korea’s Technological Outcomes

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Vision & History

Hanyang’s Engine Moves the World

Purpose of Education
Based on Hanyang University's educational philosophy Love in Deed and Truth , Hanyang University College of Engineering fosters student learning through advanced engineering knowledge, specialized technology required in the knowledge information society and advanced industrial technology society, and the latest engineering theory. Thislearning is founded on research in liberal education and character education. Through an advanced engineering education with hands-on training, students demonstrate their abilities in creative technology development and their abilities in application based on ethics and responsibility. This education nurtures talented students to play a leading role in the industrial development of the local and national community, contributing to a better world.
Mission & Vision
  • Mission
    Cultivating Creative
    Practical Talent
  • Vision
    beyond the Engine of Korea
  • Goal(2020)
    Construction of an innovative
    engineering education model
    equipped with national
  • Strategic
    Strengthening the Education and Research System, Enhancing Brand Image, Internationalization
Six Strategic Tasks - Cultivating Creative Practical Talent
  • Improvement of Education Content
  • Improvement of Financial Indicators
  • Reorganization of Administrative Structure
  • Improvement of Project Evaluation
  • Improvement of the Internationalization Index
  • Strengthening Department Competitiveness
Cultivating Creative
Practical Talent