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88 Newly Developed Photothermal Therapy That Only Heats Water Molecules Around Cancer Cells 23.08.31
87 HYU's Department of Automotive Engineering Established a Joint Research Lab on Electrification Systems with Hyundai Motor · Kia 23.08.31
86 HYU Develops Antioxidant Platform to Remove Rective Oxygen Species for Inflammatory Bowel Disease 23.07.27
85 Prof. Chang Joon-hyuk's Team Got Nine Papers Accepted from INTERSPEECH, a Best Renowned Conference in Voice AI 23.07.27
84 HYU Leads Development of Next-Generation E-fuel Engine Technology with HD Hyundai Heavy Industries 23.07.27
83 New Materials to Accelerate “Air Taxis” Over Seoul are Developed 23.06.29
82 Developing Reconfigurable and Physically Unclonable Function Cryptographic Devices 23.06.29
81 Social Network Analysis that Flexibly Responds to Changes in Data Distribution 23.06.29
80 AI Technology that Understand Silent Speech Is Developed 23.06.29
79 Developing Display Semiconductor Devices with Lower Cost and Power Consumption 23.05.24
78 Maximizing the Performance of AI Semiconductor Core Devices 23.05.24
77 HYU Developed Remote Treatment of Vascular Diseases Using Micro-robots 23.05.24
76 Developing Photocatalytic Materials for High-Efficient CO2 Reduction and Waste Water Decomposition Using Solar Power 23.04.21
75 Winning a Research Project from the U.S. Army Research Institute 23.04.21
74 New Technology to Implement Temperature in VR (Virtual Reality) Is Developed 23.03.23
73 Identifying Visuomotor Circuits for Drosophila's Evasive Flight 23.03.23
72 Developing Super-Porous Separators for Lithium Metal Batteries 23.03.23
71 Developing Effective Deep Learning Model Learning Technology 23.03.23
70 Obtaining International Research Project with US AFRL for “Magneto-Mechanically Reconfigurable Metasurface” 23.03.23
69 Developing Waste-based High-performance Optical Polarizer with AFRL 23.02.13
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