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Invested by Naver and Kakao, CEO of LetinAR Kim Jae-hyuk
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LetinAR CEO Kim Jae-hyuk (Department of Industrial Engineering 13) (ⓒMoney Today)


Alumnus Kim Jae-hyuk, CEO of “LetinAR”, a startup developing AR glass lens optical system solutions, introduced the company and explained its related prospects in an interview with Money Today on June 3. AR glass is a type of computer worn like glasses, which was launched by many companies after Google Glass was initially launched in 2012 and  is moving toward the commercialization stage.

LetinAR developed its own AR glass lens technology that shows clear images using the pin-mirror principle. The pin-mirror principle is based on the pin-hole theory that lights penetrating through small holes create clear images. Using this theory, LetinAR’s lens is installed with micro Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display on the upper side of the lens, which is then reflected by the mirror and into the human eye. Due to this, it has the characteristic of creating clear images even though the lens is small.

Kim established LetinAR when he was a junior at Hanyang University. After serving in the military, the 24-year-old student entered Hanyang University's Department of Industrial Engineering. Kim said, “I majored in industrial engineering and minored in computer engineering. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to participate in a rehabilitation clinical research using virtual reality and games with biomedical engineering professors in the cognitive psychology professor’s cognitive engineering laboratory, and even participated in writing research papers by analyzing the effects of rehabilitation program development and treatment.”

Lastly, he discussed his future plans. Mr. Kim said,  “Starting this year, we will produce results by selling evaluation kits that are comprised of lenses and display modules. Also, we will position ourselves as a company that specializes in optical systems and creates production lines and products through cooperation with manufacturing companies.”

Within 1 year of establishment, LetinAR received a 5 billion won investment from Naver and an accumulated 14.8 billion won investment from Kakao Ventures. Kim Jae-hyuk was selected as the “Asian Global Leader Under Age 30” by Forbes, a United States economic magazine.

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