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Lee Min-ho Alumnus Develops "MatSQ", a Material R&D Platform
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February 28 article "Lee Min-ho, CEO of Virtual Lab, 'MatsuQ resolves the cost and time concerns of new material's R&D'“



The February 28 issue of Electronics Times introduced Lee Min-ho, an alumnus of the Graduate School of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and who is also the CEO of Virtual Lab. The alumnus developed simulation service platforms such as the cloud-based material R&D platform "MatSQ" to overcome researchers' restrictions on developing new materials in the field of material science research.


The alumnus developed a material simulation platform based on computer programming technology he learned at his previous workplace for colleagues who had difficulty using material simulation when he was under master's degree. At this time, he decided to provide a good experimental research environment for researchers so they could focus totally on researching various materials science, revealing his background story based on startup.


The material R&D platform MatSQ, developed by the alumnus, is economical because users need to pay only the amount of computing resources (high-performance servers, DBs, etc.) they used when calculating experiments on the platform, creating an environment where researchers focus only on researching new materials. MatSQ started targeting only inorganic materials in the early days of its foundation but has been expanding to major materials such as organic materials and polymers since 2021. The alumnus plans to make further efforts to transfer high-quality open platform technology that many researchers can use conveniently in the field of materials science.


Lee Min-ho, CEO of Virtual Lab ⓒ Electronics Times

Lee Min-ho, CEO of Virtual Lab ⓒ Electronics Times

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