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CEO Jin Seung-hyuk of Deep Learning Video Startup 'KLleon'
작성자 : 한양대학교 공과대학(help@hanyang.ac.kr)   작성일 : 21.10.25   조회수 : 335

Jin Seung-hyuk (School of Electronic Engineering, Class of 11), CEO of the deep learning-generated video startup KLleon, was introduced as an entrepreneur in the AI deep learning-based face and voice conversion technology field. 

In an interview with Seoul Economic Daily, Jin said that "KLleon will lead the change in the social media market with deep learning technology that easily changes face and voice in a video." The technology KLleon developed is much lighter in comparison to existing conversion technology, and it easily changes faces and voices in a video. Jin explained, "It takes 100 thousand photographs and 40 hours for machine learning and creating such effect using the deep fake technology. There is an app similar to Deep Human, but Deep Human is the only one that creates a natural expression with a single touch."

KLleon was established in 2018 and is currently gaining attention as an enterprise-targeted business. The company is expanding the business through cooperation with Kakao, Hive, and Woongjin Thinkbig while signing an agreement with Dia TV, one of the Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) of CJ ENM, on a multilanguage dubbing business. The company also released video-sharing social media "Kamelo" at the beginning of this month, targeting general users. Users of the Karmelo platform can create and share face-changing video content with just a touch. Considering the recent severe social problems by deep fake technology, Kamelo uses an AI filter system that detects sexual or abusive content and prohibits posting.

In his interview, Jin said, "The business started from my imagination that the foreign language class would have been much more interesting if the lecturer had been a famous actor. In the near future, the demand for technology and social media that turns users' imagination into reality, such as the meta-verse, will increase." He mentioned successfully launching Kamelo and entering foreign B2B markets such as the U.S. are this year's goals. "The mid-to-long-term plan is to lead the global standard of video conversion and creation technology. Kamelo will become the platform that surpasses TikTok within five years," he added.

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